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Learn the secrets to not only survive burnout but thrive no matter what you're facing


    for March 15th Launch

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    Is This You?

    Saying that you are DONE!

    Feeling helpless or that you're TRAPPED

    Disinterested in activities that you previously enjoyed doing

    Lack of focus

    Lack of motivation

    Poor memory

    But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way Anymore

    This program will get you bounced back in less than 2 weeks & increase your resiliency so you are almost immune from burnout in the future

    The Outcomes

    Have more energy

    Sleep better

    Become more present with yourself, family & colleagues

    Take control BACK

    No more stomach pains

    Learn to breathe again

    The Program- It's About ACTION

    What Is Burnout


    Sign & Symptoms

    Now What?

    Causes & Triggers

    Common Strategies

    Time to Make It Personal

    Habits & Stacking

    Sleep As Your Superpower

    Book End Protocol of Power Up/Power Down Stacks


    For March 15th Launch

    Expires in:




    Here's What You Get:

    • Online videos right to your Inbox that are short & concise (no wasted time)

    • A private supportive online community (not on Facebook)

    • A Defeat the Beast Journal (PDF fillable) that contains YOUR ACTION PLAN

    • Special Price Just For Today is ONLY $39

      Regular $197

    It just takes 21 days to change your bad habits, to change your lifestyle for the better. Join the challenge today!

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    Meet Your Instructor: Jane Doe

    Jane has been practising yoga for more than 12 years. She has trained more than 100 students in the last 6 months. Jane's techniques are unique and helps evry one from a beginner to an expert.

    If you are tired of feeling unhealthy then here is your chance to uplift your health by joining this 21-day detox challenge with Jane, who is an expert in this field.

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    Make your body super flexible and fit and raise your energy levels

    Get rid of the rustiness of your body and achieve massive flexibility. You will also notice an huge rise in your overall energy levels.

    Get On With The Challenge Now. Start Today!

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    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

    Just the thing I needed!

    "I found this challenge to be extremely helpful! I was able to quickly get rid of my bad habit and got into a daily routine that made me healthy."

    I can feel my body responding.

    "Joining this challenge was the game changer for me. Within a week of doing the tasks I started seeing results that I didn't see in my body for ages."

    I Love the daily routine workouts.

    "I feel lucky that I came across this challenge. The entire group of people participating is so awesome. Love the daily routine workouts."

    Guided training for beginners.

    "As a beginner I could not have asked for a better training or challenge. This challenge has helped me overcome the beginners fear."

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