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The IMPACT Leadership Experience Founding Member

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Daryl D. Black

Leadership & Personal Development  

Through my programs, speaking, book & podcast I've helped thousands of leaders to make a significant personal and professional impact with less stress, more flow and greater joy

  • 30+ Years of Crisis Leadership (i.e. Hurricane Katrina, Canada's two largest disasters, hundreds of others) & Project Management

  • Leveraging the principle of Minimal Viable Effort- the most impact in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort

  • Founder of the Critical Path Leadership Method and family of frameworks

My goal is to work with you to get you where you want to be while building a worldwide community of leaders just like you


A leader who can manage their own mindset and emotions, supercharge their productivity through the state of flow and see the 'big' picture will:

Have far less stress and frustration

Absolutely crush their To Do list

Create high performing teams (that they don't have to micromanage

And that leads to:

Peace of mind at home and work

More money and promotions

The ability to make an IMPACT at home, the community and workplace.

Leadership is difficult. You are dealing with the most complex variables on Earth: People.
I'm sure you'd agree that the economy, your workplace, community and your life highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious.

What if you don't adapt?

For those that decide to be stuck in their approach or choose an ad hoc development path will:

  • Feel unsupported with upper management not providing any guidance

  • Be frustrated at not being able to do what they’re actually good at

  • Struggle and still wish people would just “get it”

  • Be overwhelmed with managing multiple spinning plates

  • Feel incompetent at being unable to consistently create an environment where their team functions optimally and is open to suggestions

So, why is now the perfect time for leaders to double down on themselves?
The leader who can achieve peak personal performance, manage their mindset, develop and nurture high performing team and with the ability to see the 'big' picture will get the raise, the promotion, the prime opportunities and most importantly PEACE OF MIND at home and at work.

P.S. And you get a one-time smokin' price but more on that below

I'm Daryl
I have 30+ years in emergency management, crisis leadership and corporate project management and I help leaders make significant impact personally and professionally with so much less stress, far more flow and greater joy.
During this time (and counting) of responding to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Canada's two largest natural disasters, hundreds of deployments as well as a decade in high-level project management I've had the opportunity to work with, learn from and guide literally thousands of leaders just like you all over the world- the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
I move leaders from well-meaning but unsupported manager to a leader of IMPACT.
And through it all, I've discovered the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances and techniques that make a BIG difference in the success of leaders personally and professionally as well as their teams.
My experience on the front-lines of crisis leadership and in the corporate boardroom produced an important discovery for me


Emergency Manager


Recovering Project Manager


Father to a great teenager (hard to believe there is such a thing, hey?)

Former Hockey Coach (and Iron Man at Halloween)

Well-Meaning But Unsupported Manager

You are saying:

I got here because I’m good at what I do now I barely do what I’m actually good at.

I spend most of my time managing people, projects, putting out fires, attending endless meetings and answering a never-ending stream of emails.

I feel like my skills aren’t being properly utilized and on top of that I got ZERO training on how to be a good manager/leader and my Boss is busy too and says to 'do the best I can' and 'work through it.' 

I feel frustrated, overwhelmed, incompetent some days and burned the eff out.

I don't have much formal training and am not even sure leadership can be taught. I'm not a 'born' leader like the others.

Difficult decisions sometimes make me uncomfortable because I don't always have the information and no one really my back

I lack real conflict management skills and try to be as fair as possible

  • Leader of Personal & Professional Impact

    What you want to say:

    Professionally I actually connect with the team I manage and see eye-to-eye with them (and vice versa).

    I can see the big picture, make decisions quickly and with more confidence and I don't dread going into work.

    With my team I'm able to resolve day-to-day issues, conflict is virtually non-existent and when it does happen I can handle it quickly and effectively (meaning no HR involvement!) and I don't have to micromanage anyone.

    I successfully elicit extraordinary performances from them and we have a respectful, inclusive, diverse and equal.

    And my To Do list?  I CRUSH it because I can get into a flow state consistently and I now run my calendar instead of the other way around

    Personally, I am present, don't get triggered or upset nearly as much as I used to, have work/life harmony and have found joy in things and activities outside of my job. 

    I feel, no, I AM Confident, calm, empathetic, decisive. And present when I get home to my family.You 

    Needless to say, I paid close attention to the 'born' leaders and learned firsthand the EXACT strategies they were using to consistently lead EXTREMELY well while also developing my own.

    I distilled it down to a set of principles, developed frameworks and developed a Method so when I deploy to a disaster zone or lead a project I can consistently:

    • Manage my self (stress levels, North Star leadership Identity, leadership styles)

    • Rapidly build teams of INDIVIDUALS together and not only work together but perform at an extremely high level within half a day

    • Quickly triage issues and make consistently effective and timely decisions without analysis paralysis or overwhelm

    Real World Application- 2021

    I walk the walk so I always use my Method, principles and frameworks to include on a high-public and political profile project with a mutli-national, non-profit humanitarian organization (its logo is a big red 'plus') ;-)

    Within 3 weeks and going for 10 months:

  • The workforce was the definition of included multi-generational, multi-cultural and multiple language and the operation.

  • Team went from 1 person (me) and scaled up to 500

  • stood up 21 remote work sites and spanning 4 time zones coast to coast

  • Budget of 10s of millions

  • And the team NAILED it with 235k front-line interactions in just 10 months.

    Consistent results prove this could be

    APPLIED TO ANY industry, ANY project, ANY geography, ANYWHERE there is someone like you with the:

    Need to be more productive so your To Do list becomes a Completed List

    Desire to be a good leader so others look up to you and your Boss stops breathing down your neck

    Hunger to use proven techniques so that you aren't spinning your wheels or trying a bunch of different things and seeing what works

    Drive to feel like you're in control and not winging it so you are more present, achieve work/life harmony and have more energy

    The point is, with the right framework and system you can adapt these methodologies, frameworks and principles to virtually any manager or leader in any industry. People management and leadership is universal.

    And now, I'd like to share

    The Impact Leadership Experience with you

    The challenge with workshops is that I can only serve a small group. I knew more people could benefit from what I was teaching. That's why I developed The IMPACT Leadership Experience and if you join us, I'd love to help you, too.

    • Become a more conscious leader

    • Focus on your craft (not micromanage all day)

    • Be a positive influence

    • Become respected and trusted

    •  Have more fulfilment, more joy

    • Make an IMPACT at home, the community and at work

    The Impact Leadership Experience can help!

    As leaders who want to make a positive impact at home and work you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world - and it's the reason that I am so passionate about this work. This is the reason why I created the IMPACT Leadership Experience.

  • Self Leadership

  • Be well

  • Have unshakeable calmness no matter the situation or circumstance

  • Become burnout-proof though a corporate athlete approach (and it's not about exercise)

  • Achieve optimal peak performance by implementing the science of flow states

  • Stress-Free Frictionless Team Leadership

  • Agile to adapt with changing conditions without losing productivity or morale

  • Resilient to bounce back from any set backs

  • Extremely high-performing without the micromanagement

  • Cohesive so that they support each other and they support you

  • Empowered so they will go above and beyond the task at hand and feel great about their contributions

  • Thinking Big & Scaling Up

  • Organizational crystal clear communication so misunderstandings and communication breakdowns become non-existent

  • Complete alignment between strategy and tactical execution so all levels are on the same page

  • Solve big problems without the analysis paralysis and poor decisions