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Hey Chief, just imagine doing MORE in less time, with less stress & effort while developing yourself and evolving your

Fire Service.

Who Would've Thought That the Fireground Would Be The Most Straightforward Part Of The Job?! 

The Call vs. Hall


This is a BRAND-NEW Founder's Opportunity! 

Chief's Inner Circle

A first-of-its-kind, secure, exclusive & facilitated online community where Chief Officers can develop, discuss, receive support & mutually support colleagues in the areas of:

1.  Leadership

2.  Stakeholder relations (membership, direct reports, Council, public-at-large)

3.  Operations 

4.  Administration.

Who Would've Thought That the Fireground Would Be The Most Straightforward Part Of The Job?! The Call vs. Hall

Despite similar issues in the above areas occurring across Fire Departments across North America Chief Officers are unsupported in dealing with the challenges.

-  You are left on an island so you seek out answers by leveraging personal & professional relationships, doing online ‘research’ and using trial and error and hoping for favourable outcomes.

-  You often rely on the good people in your service to do good work without being able to provide them the tools and resources you KNOW they need.

-  Development opportunities for senior officers, if available, revolve around more corporate settings & therefore do little to equip you with the unique culture that is the Fire Service.

This leads to a great amount of stress, sleepless nights, wasted time, inconsistent results and potential burnout at the senior level which inevitably impacts the morale of your service if left unchecked.

Crisis Is the Ultimate Leadership Textbook

Daryl takes his 30 years of experience in emergency response & crisis leadership responding to large scale emergencies and help you apply those lessons to your personal & professional life.

He has taught high risk  agencies all over the world for over 15 years.  His partners include almost every provincial wildfire agency in Canada, the federal governments of both Canada & the U.S., llarge Fire services, municipal police forces and many others.   

Leadership in emergencies & leading organizations require that stress management, respect influence, effective communication, conflict resolution & teamwork must be achieved very quickly.

Case Study/My Proof

Daryl and his company, Exigent Inc.- www.exigentinc.ca have been brought in by Fire Services and wildfire agencies for many years to conduct ongoing leadership training. An example is having the Calgary Fire Department replacing their officer leadership training and having a multi-year and ongoing commitment with Daryl to train their entire officer level in leadership and human factors.

Our clients:

Calgary Fire Department 


Edmonton Police Service

Calgary Police Service

Parks Canada

BC Wildfire Management Branch

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment

Ontario ENR

In conjunction with a U.S.-based partner, Mission Centered Solutions (www.mcsolutions.com:


San Diego Fire Rescue

Seattle fire Department

Baltimore Fire Department

U.S. Forest Service (USFS)

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)


You may not have noticed but the most essential aspects of your job have nothing to with pumps, hoses & apparatus. Not anymore that is. 

I'm sure you HAVE noticed that the most challenging aspects of your job revolve around the PEOPLE.  

This includes you, your staff and membership.

It's time to make sure that you get the help you need from experts, colleagues & peers who understand exactly what you're facing.

Save time, reduce stress.  You don't have to re-invent the wheel or figure everything out on your own.  

        Wait...But what About Conferences? The Associations You Belong To? And The Existing Online Forums (which are free)? And corporate programs that you don't have to pay for?


One of the most immediate issues with conferences is, well, they aren't happening, at least physically. 

Also while conferences are GREAT opportunities to network, attend sessions and gets eye-on with the latest equipment, there is little to no follow up. That means that the incredible sessions you went to stay at the conference and as much as you try it is difficult to implement what you saw. There isn't ongoing support.  

Also conferences are limited. You simply can't send your whole leadership team to a conference. Someone has to remain on-call etc. 


With the Chief's Inner Circle it is ONGOING and consistent support from facilitator's and peers. 

Also YOU get to drive the content. If it's something you need an answer for then you can get support. 

And the Circle includes your WHOLE leadership team- Chief, Deputy-level and Assistant-level. 

So you are ALL on the same page, hearing and learning the same things.


Associations are a mainstay of the Fire Service. There are regional associations, provincial/state and federal associations.

Associations are great places to network and discuss common issues and challenges. 

The issue with many associations is progress and implementation. 

Let's face it, belonging to a working group or committee is important but it isn't anyone's primary job. Even those running the association itself have lots of other things going on and their commitment varies widely. And that is understandable.

The Circle is NOT like the Fire Halls of a few years ago where it was a chance to hang out, shoot the sh*t and get in some fire practice. 

The Circle is all about IMPLEMENTATION and progress. 

No endless where no progress or decision is made.  

Online Forums

As for online forums, there are some really well-run forums. 

They are easily accessible and therein lies one of the issues. Forums are widely used with little control over memberships. 

Let's face it, what you need is a perspective from the leadership viewpoint and while the firefighters are critically important and their views are paramount, sometimes you need to speak to and hear from those who just 'get it' when it comes to wearing the stripes or bugles. 


The Chief's Inner Circle is vetted, the discussions private and secured in a private area and the perspective is from those who are in the SAME positions and situations as you.

Existing Corporate Training

If you've ever sat through corporate training you know that one of these is NOT like the others...

Fire Service culture is different. It JUST is.

We are EXPERTS in that culture and how to deal with the challenges found within it.

Does the culture need to change?  Absolutely.  And the Circle will help.

While the Chief's Inner Circle is a service investment, it is really only for those who 'get it'. Improvement, evolution, your time, your stress, your progress has a cost. And this applies to your leadership team if you have one.

This will greatly REDUCE the overall cost in all of those things. Period.

Monthly Themes & Topics- Note that These Are Inner Circle Driven
Therefore Are Subject to Change


Examples of Topics:

  • How to move from position influence to respect

  • Leadership identity: what kind of Chief do you want to be so that you can be the leader you want to be & would want to have?

  • Ethical leadership

  • How to manage stress in the moment & long term

  • Make sound & timely decisions

  • Manage your triggers so that you maintain control of the conversation & situation

  • Utilize Leader's Intent to lead a dynamic scene & service effectively

  • Use the right leadership style for the right situation & audience

  • Dealing with Stakeholders- Membership, Direct Reports, Council, Public

    Examples of Topics:

  • Starting & having effective critical conversations

  • Creating & maintaining an effective training program

  • Conflict resolution with win/win outcomes as much as possible

  • Avoiding being an amateur psychologist and how to support instead- dealing with personal issues among firefighters

  • Balancing standards, expectations, informal & formal discipline

  • Preparing for Council

  • Media relations

  • Operations

    Examples of Topics:

  • Standard Operating Procedures- when, why & how to implement

  • Standard Operating Guidelines- when, why & how to implement

  • Response protocols

  • How to improve service performance through effective After Action Reviews

  • How to determine necessity of, establishment & maintenance of  specialty teams

  • Wildfire/Urban Interface considerations, training & programs

  • Emergency Coordination/Operations Centre role & interface with ICP

  • Administration

    Examples of Topics:

  • Budgeting

  • Hiring/Releasing- HR

  • Financial management

  • Preparing business cases

  • NOTE: Founder's will have the unique honour & opportunity to decide on what charitable organization a portion of the proceeds will go to to further a cause (i.e an association, mental health programs etc.)

    What's Included- accessible ONLY to the service's Chief, Deputies, Assistant Chiefs:

    1. Registration includes everyone in your service at the rank of Chief, Deputy & Assistant Chief

    2. Monthly online video calls:

    -  Teaching topic relating to leadership, operations, stakeholder relations, administration

    -  Q & A

    -  Hot seat (note, can be done confidentially via an online form so names, locations or department are mentioned) & receive ideas and support from facilitator and/or colleagues

    All calls are recorded & available in a secure Members Only area

    3.  50% discount on online, instructor-led ICS-200 ($975 Value ALONE so the Circle almost pays for itself!)

    4.  A secure file area to share documents (will save SO much time!)

    5.  Private Facebook (or similar) group for members only

    6.  Discount on related courses for your service like Incident Command System, ECC/EOC and similar

    Current pricing GUARANTEED for the future despite inevitable increases in membership fees

    This is an opportunity to be a Founder, first-in..you will be given the Founder's opportunity which means the LOWEST price locked in for as long as you're a member (price WILL be increasing)

    $750 CDN ($920 USD) Pro-Rated Rate for October-December, 2020.  Founder's rate is $3000/annually.

    Because you will be a Founder, at the end of 2020 you will be guaranteed the Founder's Rate of $3000 annually for 2021 and beyond so you never pay any increases.